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Phone Review – Samsung A12 Compared With Other Models


The Samsung A12 is a great phone that features cutting edge technology. It is very user friendly for those who do not like to spend hours on using their phones. The A12 also offers excellent features and is a great phone for someone who wants a phone that is easy to use and one that has features that will appeal to all consumers. This article will give you a quick review of the Samsung A12.

The Samsung A12 is a powerful cell phone. Samsung claims it can perform internet applications faster than any other phone. This is a very bold statement. But, if one uses the internet on a regular basis, then this claim might be true. This phone does support internet applications by way of a widget that sits on the home screen. But, what makes the phone a class above the rest is the ability to download apps from the Samsung Store, which allows one to access hundreds of high quality apps, which were not available on other cell phones. samsung a12

The Samsung A12 comes with a big, curved screen. The A12 may not be as big as some of the other cell phones available today, but it does have a nice, big screen. One feature that is unique to this phone is the Ticker, which allows one to see the time without having to touch the screen. If one goes off of their cell phone, they will know exactly how long they have been online. This device connects to a Bluetooth headset so that users will not have to worry about losing their attention when they are away from their phone. It is a nice added feature.

One of the best features of the phone is the One Key Recovery. This allows one to enter passwords and other sensitive information just by pressing a small button. The A-series battery does a great job of lasting a good amount of time. The battery does not get hot at all, which makes it a good choice for anyone who might have busy schedules. When it comes to battery life, the Samsung A-series does a good job.

Some of the features of the phone are good, but others are not very helpful. The Finger Print Scanning feature is a little difficult to use, and does not always recognize fingerprints. Another feature that may seem great, but does not do much good is the Night mode, which limits night time use of the phone so that it does not wake people up in the middle of the night. The brightness on this phone is not very bright, so it does not look too good when the sunlight is shining on it. Other than that, the phone is a decent choice for anyone who wants to have a cell phone that can handle the many features available on the market today.

Overall, the battery life on the Samsung A-series does not live up to expectations. Many of the features that the phone offers do not live up to their name. The battery is short lived and does not last very long, especially if you do not charge the phone for a long period of time. However, if one charges the phone frequently, then one can expect a longer battery life, especially when they do not drain the battery too quickly. All in all, the Samsung A-series does offer a good phone for anyone who wants to take a phone with plenty of features that can make getting work done easier, but does not give that extra battery life that one needs.

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